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Breaking Through Emotional Blocks

All of us have experienced emotional blocks. These blocks keep us from achieving satisfactory relationships, create  performance ceilings, and create limiting thoughts and beliefs leaving us wondering why we do what we do and why we can’t do what we choose to. We look upon these emotional blocks as our enemy. What if I told you that the main reason these blocks are so difficult and mysterious is because our enemy is actually masquerading as our friend. These blocks are unconscious risk assessors trying to keep us from experiencing shame, pain, rejection, or failure that we had experienced somewhere in our past. What’s more, these warning signals are registered at a survival level so they are very difficult to work past if we don’t know the correct way to overcome them! So in truth, instead of ensuring our survival they are preventing us from reaching our highest potential in most areas of our lives. With the correct techniques, you can learn to target these emotional blocks and pave the way to the future you desire.

Extinguishing Unhealthy Patterns & Habits

“Why do I keep doing what I do and why can’t I stop?” “What would a normal person do?”. These are the issues that were spoken of and even date back to biblical times! Or how about, “I don’t even know who I am anymore”. If only I had a penny for every time I heard one of those comments! So much of what we do is so unconscious that we feel victimized by our own ways and while we are desperate to change, we simply don’t know how. We may excel in other areas of our lives, but the awareness of these destructive patterns seem to overshadow even our highest accomplishments and our sincerest relationships until they become an identity in and of themselves leaving you feeling hopeless. Once you learn to uncover the hidden forces behind these behaviors, you can use them to break those destructive habits and instigate lasting change.

Reprogram Your Brain

We have been trained thus far to believe that we are who we are and there isn’t much we can do about that. But the latest scientific research shows that we have what’s called neuroplasticity which is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections in response to learning, experience and even injury. What this boils down to is our absolute capacity to change and live more of the life we want. Once outside the womb the brain is experience dependent and while we are quick to believe that our brains have the capacity to suppress or inspire certain genes relative to physical ailments, we toss out the idea that the same can be true of emotional reprogramming. This is a gross misconception and we need to think again. Thanks to scientific research, we now know it is possible to live happier and more peaceful lives with the proper techniques to utilize your brains natural capacities.

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