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Managing Life in the Limelight

No-one will ever fully understand and appreciate the unique pressures of living life in the limelight. Even those akin to the same issues can be harsh. The pressure to perform, living two, sometimes more lives and successfully keeping them separate, being under constant scrutiny, being careful to say or not to say just the right or wrong thing, the lack of privacy, wondering who your friends truly are, and wondering what the future may hold are only a few and some of the more obvious challenges. And yet the concept still applies that we are all one. No matter whether you are in the limelight or the average joe, you still have skin on! Only you are not afforded the luxury of being normal, having normal challenges, and sometimes hidden challenges without being put in a slow cooker of evaluation and public flogging. What about living in the shadow of a famous family, or looking up at the scoreboard and seeing your father who either told you what you see is not good enough or one who didn’t live long enough to see you finally arrive. Finding the strength that lies within and utilizing specialized techniques to manage your specific challenges can help you navigate all of those areas and bring peace to your life. Let’s return the locus of control back where it belongs, in your hands.

Balancing Family & Professional Responsibilities

Over the years I have seen many issues unique to the life of the C-suite executive and high performing individual. Here, I will address the three most common and often most problematic. The high level executive will complain that they have difficulty “shutting it off”. I also hear that the partner or spouse just doesn’t seem to understand the demands and pressures that come inherent with your position in spite of the fact that you feel that is exactly what they signed up for. Additionally, I’ve heard the non working spouse complain that the working professional doesn’t take as seriously the demands of home life as they do with their own vocation. I’ve worked with many couples over the years with great success and have boiled the most effective solution down to two factors: emotional intelligence, and mindfulness practice. If you learn how to develop, cultivate and master those two skills, you can enjoy a long lasting and satisfying relationship.

Breaking Through Performance Ceilings

Often I have heard comments like, “I have a great life, I have achieved everything I wanted to but something is missing” or “I know I can rise higher but for some reason I just haven’t”.

Although these two comments are seemingly unrelated, they fall under the same problem category; performance ceilings. They both speak to limits you feel you have on yourself but you don’t know how to push past them or worse yet, even make sense of them. Whether you are a high level executive, or a high profile, high visibility individual, what you believe you are capable of will be in direct correlation to how much you achieve so it is exceptionally important that you master this mindset and continue to excel. Most of the seminars and books give you a boost of adrenaline and fleeting hope but in my humble experience, not many of them make lasting change. That’s why it is so important to learn to identify that which gets in the way of you achieving your personal potential and your ultimate highest by mastering techniques that will stick. Internalizing this skill within has the rippling effect of attracting the support you need on the outside to ensure your ultimate success.

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