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Commanding the Room

Imagine walking into the room excited, knowing that people will connect with you, be intrigued by you, and knowing that you will command respect and attention. Picture people being at the edge of their seat anxiously awaiting what will come out of your mouth next, leaving a lasting positive impression because of your energy and presentation skills. Imagine being able to present a concept in a way that even those who disagree will find relevance and value in what you say. Learning to speak in front of an audience, such as in a toast masters venue, has it’s merit, but doesn’t target your sharpest, highly individual and specific talents, it just teaches a skill. Cultivating self confidence in who you are and what you are passionate about, not needing anyone’s agreement or approval is the key to any venue and any subject. This is what you already possess but need to learn how to tap into and maximize it. Learning very specific and targeted techniques to connect to your unique self, passion, and skills can bring forth unlimited potential. All of that is possible when you learn to use your body and mind in harmony to create and project your power.

Managing People

How many times have you been, or longed to be much more removed from your employees and yet desire to create a top notch supporting team in the workplace? If you are a top performer in any field it is critically important to have a support team that you are confident in. Learning to choose the right individuals is the first and most critical skill you need to attain because it will eliminate the need to micromanage in the future. Learning to effectively manage your team, once chosen well can exponentially increase you profitability and peace. Increasing your chances of attracting and maintaining dedicated employees that will keep the best interest of the company at the forefront, show up and pull through in the most difficult of times, and commit to longevity is a top priority. In this section, find out how to choose the best supporting team and to manage them in a way to create a loyal, hardworking, and happy workplace.

Sexual Harassment Issues

Sexual harassment is such a critical subject in society right now that there should be an urgency to learn all you can. Knowing the when, where, what, and how’s of sexual harassment can help you avoid many hefty lawsuits, sleepless nights, and future fallouts. No matter what category you may fall under, victim or accused, male or female, you will find something of infinite value to help you navigate this in the workplace, and in everyday life. I will discuss skills to defend and protecting against, recover from, and manage and maintain important relationships during this crisis. Don’t be caught off guard, educate and protect yourself now.

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