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Anita Vaccaro is a high-profile professional advisor and relationship counselor who trains high-performing individuals to maximize their potential both professionally and personally.

Meet Anita Vaccaro

Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Behavioral Sciences, a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and has over 20 years of experience.

Her insights and approach have been featured on television and radio, as well as within the psychology community. Her clientele has included C-suite executives, entertainers, and professional athletes. Her method includes utilizing the latest cutting edge research on the role of neuroplasticity to instigate and sustain lasting change.

What People Have To Say

“After suffering from a period of traumas, chaos, and loss, I found myself in Anita’s office. Anita not only used her years of professional experience to help me see and change the self-destructive patterns in my life, she also drew upon her own life experience to give a personal and relatable approach to help me through my healing process. Her psychotherapeutic techniques have helped me navigate my feelings and have taught me constructive ways to deal with my issues. I can now say that Anita has forever changed my life.”

“I have known Anita for more than 10 years as a colleague and primary care physician. She has seen multiple patients from my office. She is able to treat the gambit of psychological issues with extreme professionalism, accuracy, and precision and has helped many of my patients in their time of need. There is no one more in tune and receptive to taking care of immediate issues than Anita. I highly recommend her for therapy and counseling for an array of psychological issues that we as primary care specialists see on a daily basis.”
Jerry Schwartz, MD
“Anita has a unique approach and special gift when it comes to helping people. She wants you to truly understand yourself. She’s honest, upfront, and takes the time to educate you. She teaches you about behaviors, how to recognize types of reactions and then how to take a new approach. I couldn’t help but learn, change, and become a better person.”

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